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Discounted Fishing Trips for groups of 4 anglers

4 days Trip:  August 9th to 14th from $2800 per person 

4 days Trip:  September 4th to 9th from $3000 per person

4 days Trip:  September 18th to 23rd from $3300 per person

"Best boys trip ever

I'd like to thank you on behalf of all the boys for a great trip that we have not stopped talking about. Even though I didn't catch my prize fish, thanks for your effort as I know you all tried really hard for me...that's fishing!

You all made our trip so memorable and have given us many stories to remember and share. Happy times 👍🏻🍻🎣"

John Braniff and the boys 2018

"I have been on many charters over the years and the 7 days spent on Roko island fishing had to be one of if not the best fishing trip ever

Jason and the team on the island are fantastic, fishing great,meals 5 star and the whole place bloody brilliant

Can not forget Nigel what a legend (Top darts)"

Shane (Roko 7 2018)

"Tolkien would not be able to build an image in words that would do justice to the earth, the sky and the water of this unique island let alone the people that made our stay on Roko so much fun yet relaxing.

It has opened our eyes to the Cape.

Thank you so much Jason, Henrietta and Nigel."

Dane Johnston 2018

"Great fishing guide, very knowledgeable but tolerant of inexperienced fishers, nothing is too much trouble. Delicious food prepared for all meals. Very friendly. Glamping very comfortable and stylish."

Phil Diacono 2019

Cape York
What to say about Cape York that hasn't been already said.
Untamed wilderness, unspoiled waters, warmth of the tropics, and of course unmatched fishing experience!
What makes Cape York the perfect fishing holiday destination is it's diversity. You could be in the estuaries chasing the elusive Barramundi Just to find yourself minutes later pulling a Spanish Mackerel in the Blue waters!
Join us on a fishing adventure and discover what Cape York has to offer.
Blue waters or Estuaries fishing, the choice is yours.
After all, nothing beats doing what you like in a place you enjoy!


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