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How to get here!

We are located at the very top end of Australia and the nearest airport to Roko Island is Bamaga Airport.

You will need to travel from your location to Cairns then take a regional flight from Cairns to Bamaga.

Once Arrived at Bamaga airport our staff will meet you on arrival.

You will then travel by road to the nearest boat ramp in Seisia where you will board our vessels to take you to Roko Island.

You also have the option to fly from Cairns to Horn Island on Qantas and either take a ferry across to Seisia or book a scenic helicopter flight and land directly on Roko Island. Enquire with us for all helicopter transfer to Roko Island.

Regional Express flight to Bamaga


Flight from Cairns to Bamaga.



Qantas flight to Horn Island


Fly from Cairns to Horn Island then take the Peddells ferry to Seisia were you will be picked up.

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